Help us get Roy Hamilton into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


This petition is addressed to:
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104
and concerns the matter of the induction of artist Roy Hamilton
to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio.

Roy Hamilton made significant contributions to the music industry, both through his own hits and his widespread influence on many of the artists of his era and artists who would emerge after him, including Brook Benton, The Righteous Brothers (who covered two of his biggest hits, Ebb Tide & Unchained Melody), Jackie Wilson, and most notably Elvis Presley, all of whom, with the exception of Benton, have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Roy Hamilton has already been honored with inductions the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, The Hit Parade Hall of Fame, and an honorary laureate degree from Morris Brown University for the lasting imprint he left on the music industry, and we feel its time the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame did the same.

We formally petition that Roy Hamilton is nominated and inducted
into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame with all due speed.

**your signature**

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